We Come to You!


Mobile technology is meant to be used on the go so Phone Falcon flies to you!* Many devices, like iPhones, can be repaired on-site and in as little as 25 minutes. Otherwise we will collect the device, preform the repair at our lab, and deliver it back to you at a convenient location either just hours later or the following day.*


  • iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus,
  • iPhone 5s, 5c, 5,
  • iPhone 4s, and 4
  • iPod Touch 5 and 4
  • iPad Air 2 and 1
  • iPad 4, 3, 2, 1
  • iPad Mini 3, 2 (Retina), 1 (Non-Retina)


  • Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4 and S3
  • Galaxy S6 Active, S5 Active, and S4 Active
  • Galaxy Note 5, Edge, 4, 3, and 2
  • Galaxy Mega series
  • Galaxy Tab series


  • LG G4, G3, and G2
  • LG Optimus series
  • LG Stylo

Other Brands

  • Google Nexus series
  • HTC
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • ZTE
  • Alcatel One Touch series
  • Amazon Fire Phone
  • Kindle readers
  • ASUS Tablets
  • Micosoft Surface series

Your brand or device not on the list? Call us at 800-799-1299 ext 3 for availability.

Basic Services

Screen Glass, Touch & LCD Repair

Battery & Charge Port Replacement

Buttons, Cameras, & Speakers

Advance Services

Water Damage Recovery Service

Logic Board & “No Response” Inspection

Frame, Bending & Body Repair

Software Services

Device Setting Corrections

Operating System Re-installation & Setup



Where to Meet? Depends! Are you….

On the job? Hey, shouldn’t you be working! Well how can you if your connection to the world is broken! We can repair the device on-site in a cubical or conference room. For those with mean bosses, we simply pick it up and drop it off at your employer once finished. Cannot talk while at work? Send us a text at 800-766-1299!

At home? Super easy! We can pick-up and deliver to your door or take care of an on-site repair at your coffee table or counter top. No reason to leave the couch… OK, well, maybe once to answer the door when we arrive.

Out and about? Phone Falcon Agents are used to meeting for repair rendezvous at coffee shops, the mall, a restaurant, or gas station. We can repair it there, if the device model allows, or meet you at one location for pick-up and another location for drop-off.

Dealing with a screaming kid? Getting them calm seemed like a snap with the digital pacifier, AKA your device, but now it’s toast after a tumble. Your first thought is the kiosk at the mall… you have to get the kid (kids?) into the car, get them to the mall, get them fed, and get them something. Wow, that really wasn’t less expensive after all. Your second thought is calling Phone Falcon so you can relax at home while saving your money and sanity.

At school? Don’t let a dead device make you miss an important assignment or message.  On-site service along with pick-up and/or delivery options that are to your classroom or dormroom makes taking care of this easier than doing homework for your History of Heavy Metal Music “class”.

From out of town: Not from around these parts? Don’t waste time and money or risk the an off-chance of wandering into a less friendly part of town trying to find a repair shop in a unfamiliar city. We can meet you in a hotel lobby for an on-site repair or pick up and return the device at the front desk of your accommodations while you go on about your day.


No extra or hidden fees for pick up, delivery or on-site service

At Phone Falcon all of our technicians are mobile. This means we don’t have to creatively charge you fees to pay for our rent, utilities, or wages to under-utilized sales staff. Let us pass those saving on to you through premium parts and convenient service!

90-day parts and labor warranty

All of Phone Falcon’s orders are backed by our 90-Day Parts and Labor Warranty.  If you ever have a problem with a repair after service, let us know immediately.

Never pay extra with our price match guarantee

We match all verifiable prices for exactly-matched services at competing repair companies and many independent repair technicians. If you find a better deal somewhere else, we want to know and we’ll match it! Simply have the name and telephone number of the competing service provider ready when you call or text us to set your initial appointment.

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